City Polka Dot

get ready for polka dot overload, guys! this week, I celebrate fashion with an ‚oldy but goldy‘-piece that was lost in my closet for a very long time: my polka dot blouse from H&M. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that this shirt is actually super easy to style. I guess, some ideas really need time. do you have ‚left over‘ pieces in your closet? tell me all about them in the comments below or on instagramtwitter, Facebook and lookbook.


earrings & polka dot shirt: H&M // scarf: Tally Weijl // sleeveless blazer & jeans: Zara
bag: Mango // shoes: Monzeli Linz // lipstick: MAC Cosmetics // nail lacquer: Catrice Cosmetics

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until thursday, x Julia