Exploring Munich

are you a city explorer or a beach babe?
currently I’m on vaca – short for vacation as the americans call it – and this time I’m exploring munich. you probably heard of this place or even been there but for me it’s much more than just visiting a big german city. it’s kind of going ‚back to the roots‘ because 27 years ago, I was actually born here. so I’m pretty much enjoying the sun, the city, the people and of course the street style fashion. this look is definitely inspired by it so I hope you like it. please let me know in the comments below or on instagramtwitter, Facebook and lookbook, what you think about this outfit. 


earrings, bag & top: Mango // jeans: Zara // shoes & tassel belt: H&M
lipstick: IQ Cosmetics (bipa) // nail lacquer: ‚trend it up‘ by dm

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until thursday, x Jules