Four Season Shirt

on a scale from 1 to 10: how cool is it to have a fashion item that’s wearable a whole year round? I personally think it’s a solid 10. like this striped maxi shirt you can see below – wear it in the winter with a coat, in spring or autumn with a blazer or just as it is in summer. this obviously is the ’spring edition‘ but if you’re interested in how I styled the top this past winter season, be sure to check out the posts ‚All you need is a Statement‚ and ‚A little Warmth‚! I really hope you like this look –  let me know in the comments below or on instagramtwitter, Facebook and lookbook.


hat: Primark // top: Zara // bag & blazer: Mango // leggings: ONLY
shoes & necklace: H&M // lipstick: IQ Cosmetics // nail lacquer: H&M Beauty

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until thursday, x Julia