Handle with Care: Animal Print

with animal print, there is always a fine line between classy & trashy but handled
with care, almost nothing can go wrong. for this week’s look I’ve decided to go
for this leopard print blouse, some medium flared jeans & pointy heels. by the
way: it’s been ages since I last put on pants like these but if you call yourself a
real fashionista, you have to consider them again this season. I hope you like
this outfit as much as I do – let me know in the comments on instagram,
twitter, facebook & lookbook.

fedora hat & earrings:
H&M // coat: Benetton // shirt: Saxx //
trousers: Miss Sixty // bag: Mango // shoes: Zara //
hair: IrresistibleMe // lipstick: MAYBELLINE

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until thursday, x Julia

ps: special thanks to Blair & IrresistibleMe for this amazing
opportunity to try the IrresistibleMe hair extensions!
I LOVE them! greetings to NYC!