Parisian Chic #beparisianbefashiola

when I think about ‚parisian chic‘ or typical ‚french style‘, 3 things immediately come to mind: monochrome striped shirts, the colour red and cute neck scarves. I really don’t know if a confirmed french person would agree with me on that but I guess it’s not too far away from the truth according to my good old friend google image search. on the other hand: when I look up ‚parisian street style photos‘, there are a lot of red items like jackets or dresses involved but not so many striped shirts or cute scarves. but I guess street style is street style and traditional french style is traditional french style, right?

but back to my personal thoughts on ‚parisian chic‘: with the help of, I took the 3 items mentioned before, added a pair of elegant jogging pants, a much-talked-about trend piece (yes, it’s the bomber jacket by New Look / fashiola) and some comfy white sneakers to create this week’s #BlogMonday look.

so lean back, take a sip of your parisian café, a bite of your french croissant and get inspired by this very special look that screams ‚parisian chic‘ oh so loud and clear.


jacket: New Look // scarf: Tally Weijl // top: Primark // trousers: Zara // shoes & earrings: H&M
bag: Mango // lipstick: MAC Cosmetics // nail lacquer: Catrice Cosmetics

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as always, I would really like to know what you’re thinking about this week’s look, especially because it’s such a special one to me, so make sure to leave a comment below or on instagram, twitter & facebook.

until thursday, x Julia

ps: vielen dank an Lisa von für die tolle zusammenarbeit. diesen beitrag zu gestalten hat mir besonders viel freude bereitet und ich hoffe, dass wir auch in zukunft noch öfter gemeinsame projekte in angriff nehmen können. DANKE