All you need is a Statement

first thing 2016: escape the basic shadows and step into the statement spotlight with me. I celebrate this wintery season with a look based on just 4 basic and 2 statement pieces. let me know in the comments on instagram, twitter, facebook & lookbook what you think about […]

Back to Black

I really love vivid and colorful things but an end only requires two shades: black and white. this is the last #BlogMonday post of 2015. I hope this year was as exciting and fun for you guys, as it was for me. I would really love to hear […]

The Christmas Jumper

white christmas? highly unlikely this year around austria. with temperatures always above the 0 degree mark it’s kind of hard to imagine, that christmas is only 10 days away. so the real question is: how about snow? let me know […]

Product of the Week ’50

auf einer skala von 1 bis 10 – wie wichtig ist euch glitzer in einem christmas make-up? bei mir ist es eine solide 8 würde ich jetzt mal sagen. aber nicht das ihr jetzt denkt, ich verteile glitzer in unmöglichen […]

The Croco Effect

I’m sure you guys can relate to this: sometimes I spot an item in a store & know: I need to have it. kind of happened with this rusty red bag by Bershka the other day. at home I remembered, that I already have a bag in the exact same […]

Lucky Stripes

well, I’m a stripes girl. regardless of whether horizontal, diagonal, vertical, thin or thick –they make a graphic statement & that’s probably why I love them so much. I guess you could also say in my case it’s kind of work-related but […]

Another Perspective

surprise, surprise – last weekend I had a guest photographer on board. my dear friend susi (find her & her Mediaguru friends on facebook) took these amazing pictures along with some pretty cool video clips, which I will be uploading […]

Hot Autumn

at this time of the year, I normally prepare myself for frosty weekends where I can already smell the snow & feel the cold wind on my face. last weekend was a bit different though. in linz we had close […]

Patterns & Effects

I always find it a bit difficult to combine different patterns in one look. however, for this week’s post I threw all my risky thoughts overboard & styled the triangle stripes from the cape with the horizontal stripes from the scarf & the snakeskin effect […]

Handle with Care: Animal Print

with animal print, there is always a fine line between classy & trashy but handled with care, almost nothing can go wrong. for this week’s look I’ve decided to go for this leopard print blouse, some medium flared jeans & pointy […]