Bucket full of Stars

a bucket full of stars, lips red as blood and a pair of super-comfy white sneakers: this week’s #BlogMonday look is both sporty and stylish at once. I hope you guys fancy this one – let me know in the comments […]

Leopard & Roses

last weekend’s early autumn temperatures left me with the chance to give this super-fancy leopard print jumper a go. you’ll probably see this fluffy one in a look soon again because I absolutely adore it. how do you guys like […]

Dusty but Cool

this week’s #BlogMonday outfit was inspired by the super-dusty but very cool underground location close to my flat in munich. I really hope you guys love this look as much as I do – let me know in the comments below. fedora […]

Rainy Gingham

rain is a blogger’s worst nightmare when it comes to creating content. I hope this super-cool gingham shirt will grab your attention more than the wet spots behind me. let me know what you think in the comments below. biker jacket […]

Gingham & Fedora

at the moment, I’m enjoying two things I absolutely adore: the city of munich & winter sale season. second thing mentioned is in full bloom right now and the bavarian shopping experience is really worth a visit. in other words: I already […]

The Charm of Khaki Green

with christmas just around the corner, khaki green feels more wearable than ever. well, at least for me it does. if you’re not into the all-over-christmas-tree-with-stripes-look you could also wear a simple black winter jacket instead. but here is the […]

Vintage Love w/ @DSMTHNGBTFL

where do you shop? for some people it’s a passionate hobby, for me it’s something totally new to discover: vintage shopping. if you love second hand and live in the vienna area, the ‚Do.Something.Beautiful – Vintage Pop Up Shopping Lounge‘ is definitely an event to […]

Handle with Care: Animal Print

with animal print, there is always a fine line between classy & trashy but handled with care, almost nothing can go wrong. for this week’s look I’ve decided to go for this leopard print blouse, some medium flared jeans & pointy […]


about 2 weeks ago I drove by the industrial district of linz & spotted this amazing graffiti art on a big warehouse wall. I immediately fell in love & was inspired to create this week’s comfy day look.  let me know in the comments […]