3/4 lang mit Samt

manche trends sieht man, geht gedanklich daran vorbei wie bei einem schaufenster und kommt doch mitunter wieder darauf zurück. bei der kombi overknee boots und distressed jeans war das für mich der fall. insgesamt hat es etwas gedauert aber je öfter ich über dieses duo […]

Schottenkaro und blaue Akzente

harry winston, weltbekannter juwelier aus amerika, sagte einmal: leute glotzen. sorge dafür, dass ihre zeit dafür es wirklich wert ist. ein spruch, der mit der bloggerei zu einem meiner wichtigsten credos wurde. deshalb glotzt ruhig und lasst euch inspirieren von den mustern […]

Flower Pleats

a thought-through spring look with just 3 key essentials can turn heads in a heartbeat. if you break it down to a cool springy print, a bold trench coat and some comfy white sneakers, failure is not an option. trench coat: Zara // turtle […]

City Cornfield

don’t fancy pantone’s color of the year greenery? then go with vivid orange or yellow instead and be guaranteed a place in the spring trend spotlight. matching hint: wear it with baby blue to wow-the-crowd. cropped jumper & bag: Zara // shirt […]

50 Shades Darker

the hype surrounding the 50 shades of grey saga is in full bloom again thanks to the cinema release of part two a few days ago. the movie comes perfectly timed for valentines day and so, as probably already guessed, this week’s #BlogMonday post is […]

Pink Pleats

some things are here to stay – for example pleats. when they made their comeback debut in early 2014, nobody thought that this trend will survive the big 14. two years later, they’re still dominating the high street stores and I’m really glad they […]

This is for the Brave

time to be brave, girls: nothing shakes off the winter blues quicker than wearing something summery even though it’s totally inappropriate and probably stupid. hopefully, this #BlogMonday look will break your season spell a bit – if so, be sure to let me know in […]

Winter Camouflage

some things never get old: caramel macchiato at starbucks, denim jeans, red lipstick and camouflage print. obviously, some items on the list are not going strong at the moment but somehow every winter season I get this warm feeling inside […]

Vienna Art Vibe

creativity has definitely no boundaries. for me, a place can be as inspiring as a street style look or a painting. vienna always proves me that. this week’s #BlogMonday post is my way of bringing the special art and architecture vibe of austrians capital to you. I really hope you […]

Summer Roses

violets are blue, roses are red … summertime is short, people. very short. especially when it’s already september. soon we need to say goodbye to hot days in the sun and open flats. but before we resign from summer this year, there […]