The Knitted Dress

fashion is sometimes surprising and quite unpredictable: I never thought I would fall in love with a knitted maxi dress, but I actually did. turns out that these knitted ‚onepieces‘ are not only extremely comfortable, they work with almost every body shape too. […]

4 Shades of Blue

my fashion recipe for this week’s post: mixing different shades of blue like traditional denim or trendy ’serenity‘ with black and silver. simple, powerful, outstanding. I really hope you like this look – let me know in the comments below or on  instagram, twitter, facebook and lookbook. hat, jumper & […]

Knit & Pleats

chic but comfortable: turns out that wearing a cozy sweater with an elegant maxi skirt is the new ‚yes, please‘ in the oh-so-trendy fashion blogger scene. reason enough for me to give this look also a try. I hope you like it – […]

From Deep Winter to Almost Spring

the snow starts melting and the air is warming up more and more. at this time of the year, all my winter fashion dreams become true when I can take a jacket from deep winter to almost spring. like this khaki […]

Product of the Week ’03

ihr habt geglaubt, ihr wisst alles was es über matte lippenstifte zu wissen gibt? well, think again guys – denn die brandneue ‚Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Collection‘ von MAC Cosmetics stellt wirklich alle vorherigen produkte in den farblosen schatten. was ist so besonders […]

A little Warmth

‚yellow‘ really wasn’t my color of choice until last weekend. that’s when I came across these bright beauties in the jewelry section at H&M. turns out yellow goes pretty well with my face and besides that – a little warmth from a sunshine […]

Parka Love

finding the right coat for this frosty season can be quite tricky – especially when you don’t want to rely on black. but, there is hope out there fashion lovers: a few days ago I found this parka in khaki green […]

All you need is a Statement

first thing 2016: escape the basic shadows and step into the statement spotlight with me. I celebrate this wintery season with a look based on just 4 basic and 2 statement pieces. let me know in the comments on instagram, twitter, facebook & lookbook what you think about […]

The Christmas Jumper

white christmas? highly unlikely this year around austria. with temperatures always above the 0 degree mark it’s kind of hard to imagine, that christmas is only 10 days away. so the real question is: how about snow? let me know […]

Product(s) of the Week ’46

gold- oder silbertyp – das ist hier die frage. ich bin auf jeden fall ersteres. silber steht mir nicht besonders, obwohl sich doch das eine oder andere stück in meinem schmuckkästchen versteckt. nämlich wirklich versteckt vor lauter gold-konkurrenten. aber naja: […]